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Our mission: Give veterans and transitioning military the advantage they need to obtain a Civilian Job!

Bruce Benedict, the owner of Battlefield Résumés, LLC developed the Battlefield Résumé Methodology (BRM) to help veterans and transitioning military focus their time and energy into a tight, well defined, and well “zero’d” shot group. We know that veterans like us have the drive, motivation, and energy to transition successfully. But, we also know that many veterans are normally told what they need to do to transition successfully, but never taught How to transition successfully. Therefore much of the veteran’s time and energy is wasted in their attempt to learn as they go. The BRM helps veterans tailor and target their time and energy and will keep them from wasting time that they don’t have. Veterans are on a timeline; there is a deadline in front of them and they are continuously backwards planning. The BRM was developed to leverage what you already know (military doctrine) and use military strategy to help lesson your anxiety and stress when transitioning into the civilian workforce.

How we help YOU.

In order to help you zero-in on their targeted job, we provide you with all the inside necessary to help you gain an advantage over other applicants. How do we do this? By discussing the following:

  • Military Leadership Transition. We teach you HOW to transition your Military Leadership into a Powerful Civilian Leader. Military leadership was great, but it scares many “civilian” employers. We help you transition your military methodology into a powerful civilian leader. By listening to our Leadership discussions, you will gain the leverage point you need to ensure you convey your leadership style appropriately to the civilian hiring manager. You know you can lead, you know you can manage, and you know you can supervise. Now, we will help you learn how to convey your experience to a non-military civilian hiring manager who may be cautious as to whether you have “transitioned yet.”
  • Interviews with Hiring Managers. It’s all about tailoring and targeting your effort. How better to learn the inside scoop of a company than having the opportunity to hear directly from them what it is they want to see in an applicant (and not want to see). We interview Hiring Managers from around the world and ask them the questions that you want to know. Do you have a company that you are interested in applying to? Do you have questions about the company’s employment process that you wish you could get answered? Great, send us your request and we will try our best to interview someone from that company and ask YOUR question.

Our approach is simple, but demands commitment and discipline. Develop the leader within. We want to breathe new life into your leadership. We’re here to push you and will not let you quit. No one said the transition into the civilian world was going to be easy. But you don’t have to do it alone. Let us come alongside you and push you toward the best YOU possible.

Duty, Honor, Country



p355250804-6Bruce Benedict

Owner, Battlefield Résumés, LLC

Bruce is a retired US Army Major with a commission from OCS. He also served over 6 yrs as a DoD GS-15 Hiring Manager. He is a Certified Résumé Writer and a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. As a Retired U.S. Army Major, Defense Contractor, and a previous Federal Government GG15, he collectively has over 27 years of military, federal government and defense contracting experience.

Bruce was born to serve. Always knowing military service was his calling, Bruce initially signed-up for military service via the Delayed Entry Program in his Junior year of High School. Two days after graduating High School, Bruce entered the U.S. Army as a Private/E1. In 1996, as a SSG/E6, he graduated from Officer Candidate School (OCS), Fort Benning, GA, where he was commissioned as a 2LT/01 and retired as a MAJOR/04 after 21 years of proud military service. Throughout his 21-year career, he served in Germany, Panama, Japan and numerous locations throughout the U.S. He deployed four times to the Middle East, proudly serving in Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar. In 2007, he retired from Active Duty as a MAJOR/0-4 and transitioned to a senior intelligence consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2009, he transitioned to the Federal Government, becoming a GG14. In 2011, he was promoted to GG15. In this position, Bruce became the Hiring Manager for the entire organization, where he wrote Federal Government position descriptions and vacancy announcements for all positions, while leading hundreds of interview panels and hiring hundreds of Federal Government employees. Similarly, he reviewed thousands of defense contractor resumes against multiple defense contract statements of work (SOW), ensuring that only the highest qualified employees were hired.

Bruce knows how it feels to transition out of the military and into the Civilian Workforce. Learn from his mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes as he did. Save time and focus your time productively by learning from Bruce’s experiences.



Leadership PODCASTBrian Benedict

Veteran Advisor, Battlefield Résumés, LLC

Brian’s purpose is to do whatever it takes to help those who help others. Following a generation of veterans, Brian entered the US Army in 1986, two days after graduating high school. Beginning in Fort Jackson with basic training and continuing at Ft Bragg North Carolina as a cable dog 36C. After reenlisting he was sent to Karlsruhe Germany where he assisted a team of S-2 guru’s with coordinating field exercises and communications. It was both challenging and rewarding. He transitioned out of the service and into the civilian world, leaving the Army as a E-5 Sergeant.

After leaving the military he quickly moved into sales and customer service with Cellular One in Dayton Ohio where he assisted others with this new gadget called mobile phones. Before leaving for the career of firefighter he had been a top sales person and manager of customer service. In 1996 the opportunity came to be a firefighter with the Richmond Fire Department.  After a successful twenty year career, he left in 2016 knowing the many who he and his team of firefighters helped through the years.

During the last ten years of his career as a firefighter he also worked as a Department Representative with Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association. Upon retiring in 2016 he accepted the position of Midwest Regional Sales Manager and continues to help police officers, firefighters and family throughout the country.

He has now teamed up with his twin brother to help transitioning military, veterans and emergency workers find the secrets to transitioning successfully with podcast, online training and online freelancing opportunities. Both have become Certified John Maxwell Trainers and are motivated to do what ever it takes to get you where you want to be.

Helping others learn how to Build the Business of “U”.