Military Press Wrestling


Welcome Wrestling fans to Military Press Wrestling!  We are your one stop wrestling show covering everything in the world of professional wrestling past, present and future. Your host of the show Joe “Silent J” Stojek and his co-host Shawn “That 90’s Guy” Joyce focus on covering the hottest topics in Professional Wrestling.

On the show we will cover the history of professional wrestling. Our segment called “The History” mark highlights one of the major events that have happened in the past. We will look into a Wrestling event or a wrestling year highlighting what happened in that time period.

We strive to have the biggest and best guests in the world of Professional Wrestling on the show. We have a long history of prestigious guests in the show from, Diamond Dallas Page to Jeff Jarrett, Frankie Kazarian, Del “The Patriot” Wilkes, Donovan Dijak, Shane “The Franchise” Douglas, and Smackdown’s own The Singh Brothers (Formally “The Bollywood Boys”). We have some exciting guests coming up in the future and we look forward to bringing you the best interviews from the wrestling world!



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