Not Your Average Sports Chick

Not_your_average_Sports_Chick_Heroes_Media_Group_HMG_SportsAlicia Seymour grew up in Providence, however, she is not your average New England fan. As a matter of fact, she’s Not Your Average Sports Chick. Literally. Los Angeles has been her home for the past eight years. However, don’t be fooled, her passion and smarts are deeply rooted in her East Coast upbringing. A die-hard sports fan for as long as she can remember, Alicia has appeared on multiple  documentaries like MTV’s True life featuring sports fanatics, and an SI special featuring sports fans in America, to name just a few.

She began her career at a local sports radio show in Providence and has since worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry.  Her insight, passion, and intelligence opened these doors and spawned new ventures inspiring her to launch her own brand  Alicia launched Not Your Average Sports Chick, a sports blog with a refreshing, opinionated take on past and current events in the sports world. Since developed, the site features other female sports writers and enthusiasts with a mission to empower women in sports. But, do not be fooled. She has never shied away from a challenge to discuss, write, or argue the facts with any sports fan, male or female.

Not Your Average Sports Chick has ventured into the video and interview side featuring some of sports most influential figures. Determined to make her mark in the sports world, as well as highlight other strong women, Alicia is on the move to make her mark, hit her home run, and throw her touchdown pass. In short, she’s the girl we all should have picked to be on our team when we were 10 playing sandlot baseball.