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The Decision Hour


Too many people go through their lives with the idea that if they just hold on a little longer, then all of the great things in life will automatically happen to them. They have no drive, they have no ambition, and they love to complain about everything that is going wrong, but they don’t want to do anything about it!

We used to be that way as well. But then we decided to make a decision. We decided that if things are going to happen then it was up to us!

We are in charge of our own destiny!

We are in charge of how our lives are going to pan out because we made that decision that it didn’t matter what it took. It didn’t matter what sacrifices we were going to need to make in our lives. It didn’t matter how long it was going to take or what obstacles were in our way.

The only thing that you need to say is that it is not over until you win —– but you have to make that decision.

You must believe in yourself and take that step that so few are willing to take!

This weekly show is going to let you hear our stories of sacrifice. You will hear from others who woke up one day and made the decision that being average is just not going to cut it. You will hear from people who have made the impossible, POSSIBLE!

You will gain motivation, you will gain the right mindset, you will gain the opportunity to make that decision that today is the day that you are going to change your life and go after your vision that you have been dreaming about forever!

It’s here. It’s that time. It’s YOUR Decision Hour!


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