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Sports Why the 6-game Suspension of Ezekiel Elliott Was Upheld

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Why the 6-game Suspension of Ezekiel Elliott Was Upheld

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has dropped the ball on a variety of matters through his tenure. One of the hot button issues that has loomed over the NFL is domestic abuse. That is why it comes as no surprise that the NFL has done its due diligence with the matter concerning Ezekiel Elliott.

Goodell issued a six-game suspension after the NFL conducted an extensive investigation. The investigation has been ongoing since July 2016. Now, it’s not the NFL’s job or the court of public opinion to decide whether or not the allegations regarding Elliott are true or false. However, the investigation needs to be seen through. Domestic abuse is a serious issue and the NFL cannot handle any more negative press.

Sarah Hardy from SB Nation posted a comprehensive timeline of events that outlined the history of the events of multiple events reported by Elliott’s accuser.  https://www.sbnation.com/2017/8/29/16151642/ezekiel-elliott-timeline-domestic-violence-police-report-nfl-suspension-appeal 

Reading this timeline can help those that have no knowledge of the investigation to understand why the NFL is taking this matter so seriously.

Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones stands emphatically by his superstar. Jones has expressed his cooperation and support, while also conveying his passionate stance against domestic abuse. If the wheels come off and Elliott is found guilty, Ezekiel and the Cowboys have a long road ahead of them.

Elliott is suspended for six games, but does not start that suspension until the second game of the season. He made the effort to appeal the suspension. Still, the hearing took three days and arbitrator Harold Henderson upheld the suspension. Henderson explained his decision to ESPN insider Adam Schefter: “Rather, the review is to determine whether the player was afforded adequate notice of his alleged violation, the right to representation, opportunity to present evidence, and a decision which is fair and consistent. In a case involving a violation of a policy, fair and consistent means, whether the process and the result were in compliance with the terms of that policy. This one is, in every respect.” Ultimately, Henderson Gooddell was fair in his handling of the process.

The NFL is playing it safe, treating this situation with kid gloves.

A little thing like a six game suspension has not done much to keep the fantasy football community from drafting him.