Rediscovering Critical Thinking: the Lost Art of Discerning Fact from Fiction in a World of Automatons

Critical thinking has become a lost art today, as our society has become increasingly inundated with information sources that have taken the place of our own thought processes. We are inundated with data and sound bites from the media, politicians, and even friends, family, and co–workers. For many, the only avenue of research available to […]


HMG Beverage Kickstart Coffee Is Amazing

Are you tired of bland and uninspiring coffee that fails to keep you going through the day? Look no further than HMG Beverage Kickstart Coffee! This incredible blend is the perfect companion for your early mornings and hectic schedules. With its smooth taste and strong caffeine content, Kickstart will give you the energy boost you […]


Ravings of a Madman: Think Your Own Thinks

The United States of America has so much volatile rhetoric streaming out of our televisions, computers and phones daily, hourly, by the minute, that our society is writhing in divisive drama that puts the very foundation of our nation in serious trouble. What the media won’t tell you, nor will anyone who depends on your […]

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Serve & Compete

It was a summer practice in June when I walked through the doors of the FAU arena to observe their basketball practice. I immediately noticed the coaching staff’s shirts. Not so much the front which read FAU Basketball but the words written on the back is what really caught my eye. I was intrigued or […]

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