Our Vets, International Deals: Why Your Morning Joe Depends on Both

Crack open a cold one, or brew up your morning coffee, and let’s talk shop about something you might’ve seen on the news but never paid much mind to: international agreements. Those big ol’ deals made by folks in suits, shaking hands over fancy tables. How do these tie into the brave men and women […]


The Case Against Climate Lockdowns: Risking America’s Security and Sovereignty

The world has been bombarded with a myriad of buzzwords recently. “Climate lockdowns” has become one of those hot-button terms, rapidly making its way into conversations and debates. But strip away the catchy terminology and dig a bit deeper, and the potential consequences of such measures become alarmingly clear. For proponents of America’s security, sovereignty, […]


Quantum Dots: The Invisible Spies Among Us?

In the dimly lit corridors of 1980s tech labs, while most of America was entranced by pop culture and the promise of a tech-driven future, a discovery was made that could quietly shape the very fabric of our nation’s security: quantum dots. Before delving into the shadows they cast, let’s illuminate what they really are. […]

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Neuralink’s Pandora’s Box: How Brain-Computer Interfaces Challenge Global Security

Elon Musk, with his varied ventures, has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. His brainchild, Neuralink, is no exception. While the allure of interfacing the human brain directly with computers is tantalizing, especially for medical and cognitive enhancements, the implications for national and international security cannot be ignored. The New Age of Espionage […]

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