006 – Ridding The World of Filth

Team:             5P                                                       Event type: 5P Podcast

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: We are ridding our world of corrupt filth and bringing back true American greatness.


Friendlys: Heroes Media Group, Gray Point Ventures, Mcpherson Marketing Group


Mission:  Talk about the whirlwind of mainstream facts that are coming to light in order to draw more business leaders to our cause of indepence from the status quo.



Commander’s intent: Those of us who are awakened to the facts, take advantage of these new opportunities. It’s a uniquely different time. One that we’ve been asking for. You have the right pursue happiness.


Hillary’s classified emails held in an unsecured server, where the Chinese could easily …

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005 – Socialism

Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: PODCAST EP


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                                                    Task organization: SOLO TALK



Problem: Socialism; People who believe everyone should work for the common good. Unfortunately it always leads to terrible people ruling from a small minority.


Friendlys: The U.S. Constitution and our founding documents work to prevent overlordship of a ruling class. Unfortunately, through corruption of power, we’ve seen American rights start to dwindle.



Mission:Work with fellow business leaders to mastermind, plan, and grow in your unique strengths.


Commander’s Intent: Teams working together to secure their own independence.


Scheme of Maneuver: Work with small to medium sized businesses ran at the local level. Focus on cultivating sustainable economic conditions through governance. …

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004 – Economic Development

Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: Economic Development and the need for easy access to early stage capital.

Money to create a for profit entity that works to develop inside the community.


Friendlys: Community development financial institutions. Economic development groups. Community government. Community leadership.


Mission: Spark an interest in participating in economic growth at the community level. 5P works to help steward wildlife and rural areas.



Commander’s Intent: Grow businesses inside local communities.


Scheme of Maneuver: Provide early stage capital with requirements that the business remain in the area for a specific period of time. Agreements to maintain the community. Conditions and regulation on outside investment. …

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003 – Small Unit Leadership

Team:5Paragraph.com                                                       Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: Small unit leaders with a small scope. Working in an extremely important area of responsibility.


Friendlys: Executives who know how to interview subjects in order to get the best answers.



Mission: Interviewing subjects to determine their strengths and fit in the organization, which will hopefully uplift the overall culture. Leaders need to be asking the right questions of there interview subjects in order to surround themselves with the best people.



Commander’s Intent: Hire professionals who “bring up” your organization.


Scheme of Maneuver: Two Major hiring oines of question;

  • What has been your highest leadership role; in what company – reference?
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002 – Declare Your Independence from the Status Quo

Team:5Paragraph.com        919-827-0898           Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                Task organization: Solo Talk



Problem: Personal independence. It requires working in groups

Friendlys: Find and work with other individuals with the same passion, desire, and aligned goals.


Mission: Declare your independence from the status quo in order to benefit the group of close hearted people you’ve surrounded yourself with.



Commander’s Intent: add VALUE to the world. When groups of people add value to the greater community it secures their individual independence through reward.


Scheme of Maneuver: Build a community of collaborating business leaders who share the core belief of adding value through working, in our strengths, together as a committed team.


Coordinating instructions:

Find close …

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