Positive Thinking Can Heal

What happens in the brain informs what happens in the body and a positive attitude can therefore literally impact your health. Lisa R. Yanek, M.P.H., and professor Judith T. Moskowitz, Ph.D., both conducted studies independently of each other which showcase this point.

Johns Hopkins expert Lisa R. Yanek, M.P.H., specifically looked at heart disease. She and her colleagues found that people with a family history of heart disease who managed to maintain a positive outlook were one-third less likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event within five to 25 years. This proved true even with people who had the most risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Yanek believes that a positive personality is largely inherited but acknowledges …

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The Courts Leave President Trump No Options on Illegal Immigration

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg blocked the Trump administration’s new policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico while they await impending trial in the U.S. With this latest ruling, the courts are proving further to be a contentious hive of partisan hacks more intent on stymying the president’s plan for immigration reform than interpreting the legality of legislation in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. What’s more, President Trump is now fresh out of options; and the only place left for illegal immigrants to go is exactly where Democrats want them.

The left has ridiculed President Trump on illegal immigration since before he even recited the oath of office. His proposal to build a wall on the southern border …

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School Shootings – A Root Cause Analysis (Hint: It’s not the guns)

If your engine broke down on the drive home from work this evening, would you immediately file a lawsuit against the gas station at which you last filled up your tank?  No, that would be ridiculous – while bad gas could be an issue that would cause your engine to break down, it’s merely a single variable from a long list of things that could cause the damage.

So why is it that everytime there’s a school or mass shooting event the media, politicians and celebrities from the left automatically single out a single variable without any further analysis into the root cause of the issue – especially when there are two glaring variables which have a much higher correlation …

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Separation of Families at the Border is Not Unique to the Trump Administration

President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy has been ruthlessly and dishonestly excoriated by the media and their leftist political counterparts for the better part of the previous three years. As is frequently the case, the media is doing yeomen’s work for the Democratic Party and, in doing so, have entirely mislead the American people.

This practice of separating illegal immigrant families detained at the border is not an evil manifestation of the president’s alleged disdain for immigrants, but rather a policy enforced for decades prior, including under President Barack Obama.

The Flores Settlement Agreement, reached in 1997, mandated that the federal government release unaccompanied children from immigration detention within twenty days and place them in a minimally restrictive setting. It is …

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