Fight Back Against Tech Tyrants: Dan Bongino Partners with Parler

Leading social platform and media star join forces to promote a free and open Internet

LAS VEGAS, NV – Parler, the People driven social platform, today announced that it has joined forces with popular commentator, author, and talk show host Dan Bongino. Mr. Bongino will take an ownership stake and leadership role at Parler.

“Dan Bongino is the single most articulate, intelligent, and powerful voice standing up to Technofascism,” said Parler Strategic Investor Jeffrey Wernick. “Dan is a true warrior for Liberty. Mr. Bongino and Parler have been fighting the same battle: to reclaim the Public Square from the Tech Tyrants and restore our right to speak free.

“Now, we stand together, resolutely fighting to reclaim the Public Square which

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