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Written by on 02/18/2019

I find it common for community servants to steer away from speaking about the difficult things they see. The human mind is a complex organ that carries a large load for our bodies every moment of the day. When does it ever get a break? The noun “Break” by dictionary means to: pause in work or during an activity or event. Now you tell me what community servants minds really take pause daily? When is our work ever done? We are the heroes that we are, serving the community as selflessly as we do because we have learned to operate effectively during the complex task that are required daily. The things we see, the life that others devour incautiously become our duty to intervene. We lose so many selfless servants to the battles of the mind so rapidly? How can we decompress the horrors of life in a healthful manner? My suggestion is; we must decompress before our mind tells us it’s about done. Before the work load becomes too heavy for us, before the visions become constant nightmares. To my fellow Heroes, Service members, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy, I urge you to develop a healthy lifestyle of decompressing. It is important to release the pains we endure with others, so the burdens don’t become so heavy on ourselves. I asked ten people; “Why do you find it hard to tell others about the difficulties that you encounter in your profession?” the number one response was that it was too much of a burden to share with another’s out of protection for others well-being. Never carry the weight alone! Operate in an area where there are levels of give and take. Inhale and exhale. Release and renew. I have come to encourage you.

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