Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies Looking Good

Written by on 08/31/2018

The walk from Reed Area to Kyle Field was filled with students tailgating, parents, children, and die hard Aggie Football fans ready to see Jimbo Fisher’s first game.

Before kickoff a mixture of Seniors and retired Marines are busy getting the Fighting Texas Aggie Band ready for their first performance. As they play the national anthem four F-15 jets scream over the stadium.

For some kickoff means getting to your seats quickly for others its time to rest.

Behind the scenes security guards, parking attendants, and other staff rush to eat a snack and prepare for half-time. People working the game for the first time are exhausted.

Those that have been doing it for years tell them to wait until next week when Clemson is here.

Jimbo’s team looked great as they moved the ball down the field with ease. And even though the game was effectively over after the 3rdquarter the students section stayed packed.

Fans left the game exhausted but happy with the results. The Aggies look good this year but their true test will be next week against Clemson.

HMG Staff: Justin Houck

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