Big Ten football Crowns its King in Indy

Two of the best in the Big Ten met last night in Indianapolis to decide who is King, Ohio State and Wisconsin put on quite a show.


With the starting QB position in question all week prior to the game Ohio State put JT Barrett behind center even after having knee surgery six days prior. Barrett showed no sign of injury rushing for 60 yards on 19 carries and a TD, and threw for 211 yards and 2 TDs. Don’t think the knee was much of a factor do you?

The 2 teams had their ups and downs but only 5 penalties total in the first half. Ohio State had a brief big lead in the first half 21-7 but …

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Make Them Fight for You

After a while sitting at home my mind will begin to race. I tend to overthink as well as fall into a dark place. Once my mind takes me there I feel it’s where I have been for quite some time, almost like a death metal album. When I speak of my thoughts to others it is as I am embellishing a typical nightmare only it is the life of many veterans. This article does not only acknowledge the failure of the VA system but the medical world is failing many Americans. I am only concerned with veterans in this article as many of my brothers and sisters live in areas where there is not a VA close by and …

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Michigan at Ohio State 2016

Ohio State vs Michigan is the biggest rivalry in College football, although, there are debates on such a claim, these two teams tend to make the college football world shake with anticipation, especially since we are now in the Playoff era. The truth is when making a short summary, this was a Defensive game and missed opportunities. The game is 10-7 Michigan at half and the game looks to be a defensive battle with little climax. But once we hit the fourth quarter there was not only suspense but an ending that fit the way these two teams play. After 2 missed field goals by Ohio State’s Kicker Durbin, they had to rely on him to tie the game, in …

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