Eno Benjamin Sets New School Record In Arizona State Win!

[Tempe, AZ] Arizona State came into tonight’s matchup having lost their last two games against ranked Washington, and unranked San Diego State.  Herm Edwards had to put together a good game plan to try and get the Sun Devils back on track.  However, his young team has played very well at home this season, which included an upset victory over ranked Michigan State.

Arizona State received the ball after a touchback on the kickoff to start off the game.  Wilkins would start out by looking for his star wide receiver, N’Keal Harry early and often, sprinkled in with a little Benjamin (pun intended) running the rock.  The Devils would drive all the way down to the Oregon State 10-yard line …

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NASCAR Recap: Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

When you think about Las Vegas, the tourist in you thinks about how exciting it is to walk the Strip and go see some great acts and shows, and yes, maybe even gamble a little.  But me?  As the die-hard sports fan that I am, I love Las Vegas because my visits mean 185 mph cars, engines roaring, and an overall excitement that somehow overcomes the hot desert heat and keeps your heart pounding all weekend long!

This past weekend was no exception.  As Las Vegas Motor Speedway is much larger than my home track of ISM Raceway, I’m always happy to bring along an extra camera or two.  So first, I want to give a shout out to Mike …

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Arizona State Upsets Michigan State 16-13

[Tempe, AZ]  Big game tonight in the desert between the 15th ranked Michigan State Spartans and the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Arizona State would go three-and-out in their opening series, and the Spartans would be held down by the Sun Devils defense on their first drive and were also forced to punt.

The next drive contained a lot of short passes by Wilkins to the outside, and also a lot of draw plays to Benjamin.  It looked like Herm Edwards wanted to take advantage of the speed of the Spartans front seven by either getting the ball out early or using a draw play to fool the rush.   One of the bad things about last week’s 48-7 win over UTSA …

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Herm Edwards Era At Arizona State Opens With 49-7 Win

[Tempe, AZ] Granted, UTSA is not a powerhouse, but they are still an opponent on Arizona States schedule that should not be overlooked since any team can win on any day.  Herm Edwards knew this, and he also knew that a loss on opening night at home would bring the critics of his hiring by the bus loads right to his door step.  Add that to the fact that it would be very easy for his young team to simply discount any challenge by UTSA and skip ahead to the 11th-ranked Michigan State Spartans who will come to town this coming weekend.

But if there is one thing that Herm Edwards is great at, it’s getting young men to focus …

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Expect To Win!

Most of us, if not all of us, have tasted failure in our lives.  We set a goal, we got excited about that goal, and then we failed or we didn’t meet our own expectations, and we gave up. But the problem wasn’t that the goal was too high, it’s that we didn’t expect to win in the first place.  As a society, we know failure inside and out.  We know pain, we know suffering, we know loss.  Very few actually know what it’s like to win, to achieve, to excel.

That’s why the media leads, follows, and counts on negative news to drive their ratings.  We know about pain and suffering because we have lived through pain and suffering. …

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