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Pace of Play, You’re Cramping My Style

Baseball is a beautiful game. There is a game of cat and mouse between batter and pitcher, strategies about when to bring in a reliever from the bullpen, and the strategy about when to pinch hit for a batter, and so on. You see some of the biggest superstars in the world play a game that takes you back to when you were a kid playing home run derby in your backyard. It’s a thing of beauty. One of the best things about baseball is that there is no clock…until now.

Every other sport (football, basketball, hockey, MMA, soccer, and so on) has a clock that people will race against at the end of the game to try and pull …

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The Inside Pitch: History Repeating itself

Some people say that baseball just has too many stats.  However there are some stats that come up that are worth noting and looking into.  In this 2015 season, we should expect to see some milestones be reached before the year is over.  Although we are not in any danger of seeing an “all-time leader” record broken this year, the history books will have some adjustments and replacements.

Ichiro Suzuki, of the Miami Marlins, is expected to make two leaps forward in the all time hits column this year.  Currently at 2,878 hits, Ichiro needs two more hits to tie Frankie Frisch for 39th all time (with 2880.)  Ichiro will need four hits after that to tie Zach Wheat …

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The Inside Pitch: Ethier or…

Andre Ethier has been a “regular” in the Dodger outfield since he broke into the big leagues in 2006, and has been a fan favorite in LA ever since.  From 2006 to 2012, Ethier was averaging a .291 AVG, 18 HRs, 76 RBIs and 503 plate appearances – numbers that would make any skipper happy.  However, since 2013 he has been dealing with a rather crowded, yet talented, Dodger outfield that included Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford, and Scott Van Slyke.

Regardless if it was centerfield or right field, Ethier has always been a starter in that Dodger lineup.  In 2013 the Dodgers acquired Carl Crawford from Boston, and about three months into that season we saw the arrival …

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2015 All-Time Greatest Sports Movies Debate

It’s that time of year again, where we debate the best sports movies of all time.  However; this year is a bit different.  Since we couldn’t come to a consensus, we decided to put it to a vote!  Take a look at the lists below and then make your vote.


JD Brent
20 Babe 20 Moneyball
19 Rudy 19 The Replacements
18 Tin Cup 18 Remember the Titans
17 Field of Dreams 17 42
16 Bull Durham 16 Little Big League
15 Slapshot 15 Rocky III
14 The Natural 14 Miracle
13 Secretariat 13 Rookie of the Year
12 A League of Their Ow 12 Any Given Sunday
11 Any Given Sunday 11 Bull Durham
10 The Replacements 10
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Arizona Wrestling Federation Presents: Aftershock

Arizona Wrestling Federation presents Aftershock

AWF Arena


The follow up to March’s Gold Rush which featured the first ever AWF Tag Team titles, Aftershock had several good matches. The tag matches seem to be the best on the card each month with the best action & story lines. Aftershock also featured a good title match between Awesome Andy & Danny Gee after last month’s tag team split of the pair. Below are the match breakdowns:

Suede Thompson vs Jay Garland:

A good opening contest, as Suede Thompson makes his debut for AWF. Thompson has great swagger & as soon as the “Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler” shirts are available I will be picking one up. Garland makes a great …

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