Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel; Part 1 of 4

Written by on 02/27/2017

I’ve been in the online marketing world for some time now.  But it wasn’t until recently that I really started to devote myself to having the best year that I’ve had since I began.  Now, my journey to achieving this goal has many micro-goals along the way.  The first step for me was to figure out where I needed to improve in my online business to maximize my profits.  And one day the light went on in my mind.  I realized that if my business is going to reach new levels in 2017, it had to start by figuring out how to create the perfect sales funnel.

I needed a sales funnel that ran smooth, almost on auto-pilot.  So I started to do research.  I was looking for a mentor, or mentors, who created their version of the perfect sales funnel.  But I couldn’t just point to just anyone and start doing what they were doing, I had to see results.  I had to see that what they were doing was indeed working before I started to mold and create my own version of the perfect sales funnel.

You see, the answer was actually very simple.  If I wanted to get to where my mentors were and start living the life that my mentors had with the day-to-day freedom that comes with it…..

Then all I needed to do was to start doing what they were doing.  Not just partially doing what they were doing, but doing exactly what they were doing, each day, every day.  If they read books, then I am now reading books.  If they were marketing in a certain way, then I am now marketing in a certain way.  If they were blogging and putting out content on a daily basis, then I am now blogging and putting out content on a daily basis.  And if they used a specific setup, and gave me step-by-step directions on how to create the perfect sales funnel, then damn it that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Because if you’re not hungry to get more out of life, then why bother even getting out of bed in the morning?  It’s just that simple.  Those that put in the work will get results, and those that don’t will get no results.  Of course if you think about it, no results is actually a result.

Creating the perfect sales funnel consists of four stages.  Picture a funnel in front of you.  I’m talking about a funnel similar to that used to put oil in your car.  Now, divide that funnel into four sections.  The top part is where all of the people who see your link go.  You can have a few, you can have hundreds, you can have thousands, or millions of people (potential customers) pouring into the top of your funnel.  And as they go through your funnel, some stop at certain stages, and others (usually a smaller percentage) continues on.  Where you once had thousands of potential customers going into the top of your funnel, only those who actually purchase from you will come out the bottom.  The rest stay on your email list, which I’ll write about at a later date.

But today, I’m going to walk you through how to setup the perfect sales funnel, starting with part one.  I’m not going to give you all four today because I only want you to concentrate on one part at a time.  Each part is very important, and very powerful if you do them right.  So today we’re concentrating on creating the perfect sales funnel, starting with part 1: the traffic stage.

The Traffic Stage

The “traffic stage” is where you’re going to start letting your target market know that you are there, and you may have something valuable worth looking at.  In a nutshell, you’re making them aware of your presence, and showing that you have a solution that may be valuable to them.  You’re not targeting anyone, you’re targeting people with problems whom you might have a solution for.  So these people are online searching for an answer to help them resolve a problem, and they are going to somehow come across your information.  You’re either going to be posting it on social media, or in a website, or on a podcast, or any of about a dozen other places that they can see your content.

But what type of content are you creating to make these potential customers notice you, or go to your website, or wherever you are holding the solution to their problem.  Your goal in this stage is not to give away the Fountain of Youth, but to give away free tips on how to look or feel younger, for example.  So you’re not going to give away your ultimate product for free.  But you’re going to create something of value so that it is noticeable to whoever is looking for your solution.

And what types of things are you going to create?  You’re going to create things like:

  • A top ten list
  • A free eBook
  • A free step-by-step instruction manual
  • A free .PDF
  • A checklist
  • A blog post
  • A newsletter
  • A press release
  • An instructional video
  • A “how to….”


You’re giving away something small, yet still carries some value for your target market and it will catch their eye.  This is where they notice that you are there, and that you might have some information that could be valuable to them.

Remember, you’re not giving away the kitchen sink here.  But what if your major product was a kitchen sink that you were trying to sell?  Then you might give away a “how to unclog a sink” video.  You might create a top ten list of the best plumbers tools.  You might create a monthly newsletter simply giving a little value to create rapport with your potential customer.  After all, that is the end goal.  You eventually want to turn your potential customer into a paying customer.

But you don’t just walk up to someone and tell them to pull out their credit card.  They have to learn to trust you first.  And in order to do that, you have to create valuable content, and get it out there.

So again, your goal here is to start creating your free content that is going to start attracting the attention of your target market.  Your goal here is not to get people to purchase the moment that they meet you.  It’s just to let people know that you have some information that you would like to share that could be a quick solution to someone’s problems.  And always remember…..


You’re in this to serve them.  You’re there to create solutions to your markets problems.  And that’s all you’re doing here is making your market aware that you are there and you might have some information that they may want to see.  It’s like walking into a room full of strangers, smiling, and saying hi.

That’s it.

Do you have this down? Time to move on to the next!

Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel; Part 2 0f 4….

“The Leads Stage.”

If you have already mastered your sales funnel but you’re looking for a product or system to promote, feel free to check out this quick video with an awesome opportunity!  My friend Nick will break down everything, including how he used this same system as my mentors to create freedom for him and his family!

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