Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel: Part 2 of 4

Written by on 03/10/2017

I love writing a blog series because it allows me to jump right into the content from part two and beyond without the detailed introduction of who I am and why you should learn from me.  But before I get into part two of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel, I want to make sure that you’re not trying to skip a step.  So if you have not read Part 1 of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel: The Traffic Stage, then go and read that and work on that stage for about the next 72 hours.  You can find it here:

If you’ve already completed the Traffic Stage, and you’re positive that it’s the very best that you can do, then let’s move on to part two of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel.

The Leads Stage

The Leads Stage is where you are going to create content that you will give away for free in exchange for your potential clients’ name, email, and phone number.  You may not need all three, or maybe you may require more information from your potential clients.  But whatever it is that you’re asking for, you must give something of value in return if you want your clients info.

Why is it important that you get this information from your potential clients?  Because the money is in the list.  Those that try to run an online business with no list will end up with zero to very little sales.  Those that have larger quality lists usually sell more products and make more income.  Can you make good money with a small lists?  Sure, for a minute, but if you want to continuously get sales at a moments notice, you must have a list of people who are on standby for whatever it is that you’re going to send out next.

A good list is a very powerful tool to have if you suddenly have the need for extra cash.  I know a few seven-figure earners who are also mentors of mine who can send out an email and make $10,000.00 to $30,000.00 almost on a regular basis, and all from one email.  Imagine having that power where you can basically print money on demand just by sending an email to those that know and trust you!

DISCLOSURE: I’m not guaranteeing that you will make 5 figures per email.  The content is still up to you to create!

But the type of email that creates sales does matter, and you’ll learn more about that in parts 3 and 4 a little later, but for now, we’re just talking about getting leads and building your list.

Remember from Part 1 of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel: The Traffic Stage, where I said that potential consumers are online looking for solutions to their problems?  You’ve already put your sign on your lawn saying that you’re new in the neighborhood, and you started building rapport as someone who can potentially solve problems.  Now, you’re actually going to demonstrate your expertise as a potential problem solver so that potential clients will have something to use when comparing you to other potential problem solvers.

This means that you’re going to need to create some more free content.  Only this time, it’s going to be content that has more value than what you created in Part 1 of Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel.  It’s going to have to have more value because you’re actually wanting something in return.  So for your clients to give up their information which does hold value to them, they will expect value from you.

Favorite Types of Content

Free Webinars: These are money!  Getting people to sign up for something that they don’t have to pay a dime for is actually very simple to do as long as the content holds some type of value to your potential clients.  I’ve used this tactic a couple of times and had some pretty good results.  And the great thing about webinars is that it allows you to not only deliver value, but a good free webinar also gives you permission to try a low profit sale toward the end.  But we’ll cover “sales” in Part 3.  For now, here is an example of one of my first webinars that I did a little over a year ago.  I wanted to show you this one because it proves that it doesn’t need to be the most perfect webinar to get eyes on it, and I also got seven sales from it after delivering value for free.  It was basically a “How To” on creating a profitable blog.

A Video: If you have something that you want to share that holds value, then create a video out of it, market it, and request a name and email to view the information.  I do a lot of different videos as an entrepreneur.  But I am always teaching something.  My philosophy is a familiar one among entrepreneurs.  It’s called “Learn, Do, Teach.”  First I learn something, then I do it to make sure that I know how to do it, and then I teach it to others.  Just in the same way that I’m doing now with this series for Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel.  Here is one of my videos that I created.  I basically just captured my podcast on video and then sent out an email to a capture page that must be completed before they could view the video.

Testimonials/Reviews:  Testimonials are big because it tells your clients that your product works and it has actual clients backing you up with solid reviews.  Testimonials can be written, or in video form.

Here’s one that I got after creating a step-by-step “How To” .PDF for a client:

“Jeff Demers is a highly competent and very knowledgeable technician in the social media and computer world. Reliability, solutions, affordability and stellar results are part of his absolute “deliverables” with his satisfied clientele. If you are looking for “the right guy” to solve your social media challenges and implement creative solutions, call Jeff Demers.”
Rick Shapiro
Scottsdale, AZ

Here’s a video testimonial that I got from one of my students:

One quick note on using real names with testimonials: make sure you have permission from the individual who was nice enough to write you a testimonial as they may be approached for authenticity purposes.  Rick assured me that it was fine and I thank him very much for his kind words!  If you don’t have permission, then usually first name and last initial works great.

Case Studies: These also work great, but sometimes take a lot of time to gather enough information to build your study and see results after all of your split testing.  I will admit that I’ve put my name on quite a few lists to receive case study results.  Why?  Because someone else has already done all of the work for me and has all of the results that I’m looking for.  A great example that I can recall receiving was a case study done by Russell Brunson where he tested something like 100 different capture pages to see what kinds worked best, and when.

Remember, the money is in the list.  So the more ways you can master how to get client info, the larger your list can grow!  In order to have a list, however, you will need a place to store the names, emails, and any other information you may require in return for your content.

Some great email marketing systems that I recommend because I either have used them in the past, or I’m currently using them are:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Kalatu Cloud

Also, you’re going to need some type of capture page/sales page creation system to get the info from your clients that you’re looking for.  There are two that I have used very well in the past:

  • LeadPages (currently using)
  • ClickFunnels

That is it for Creating The Perfect Sales Funnel: Part 2!  Once you’re ready to attack Stage 3 and Stage 4, just click the link below!

Stage 3: The Sales Stage

Stage 4: The Retention Stage

If you’re looking to start an online business, particularly jumping into the multi-level marketing arena, check out this free video link below.  You’ll be introduced to my friend Nick who will show you exactly what we do, and the types of products that we sell using the same steps that you read in this article.  You’ll also see quite a few testimonials from clients who have successfully used our system!

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