Written by on 02/12/2019

Ask yourself…

What would the impact on your business be if a key employee started his/her own business or went to work for a competitor?

Are you making effective use of business dollars to achieve your personal financial security objectives?


Objective Issues to Consider
Reward and Retain Key Employees
  • What is the value of your key employees to your business success?
  • Do you have any selective benefit programs to assure the retention and loyalty of your key employees?
  • What types of benefits are important to the people who are critical to your business?
  • Are your current benefit plans meeting these expectations?
Use Business Dollars to Satisfy the Owner’s Personal Financial Needs
  • If you had died or become disabled yesterday, would there be an adequate income to maintain your family’s lifestyle today?
  • Will you have the funds available to meet your education and/or retirement goals?
  • Will your estate have sufficient liquidity to pay estate taxes and other settlement costs?
  • Are you taking full advantage of business dollars to meet your personal financial security goals?

The objective of executive benefit planning is to assist you in identifying key employees who should be rewarded with selective executive benefits in order to retain their services, and to help you determine how you, as a business owner, might make the most effective use of business dollars to provide for your personal financial security needs.


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