Expect To Win!

Written by on 08/20/2018

Most of us, if not all of us, have tasted failure in our lives.  We set a goal, we got excited about that goal, and then we failed or we didn’t meet our own expectations, and we gave up. But the problem wasn’t that the goal was too high, it’s that we didn’t expect to win in the first place.  As a society, we know failure inside and out.  We know pain, we know suffering, we know loss.  Very few actually know what it’s like to win, to achieve, to excel.

That’s why the media leads, follows, and counts on negative news to drive their ratings.  We know about pain and suffering because we have lived through pain and suffering. We relate to it better than we can relate to success, to happiness, to winning. So losing and living a negative life in a negative environment is spoon fed to us by society and those that surround us.  It’s like a constant I.V. drip of negativity.  The expectations and standards in our lives reflect those around us and those that are closest to us.

There is a saying that goes “you’re only going to be as successful as the top five people around you.”  So if you hang out with people who have zero expectations, zero goals, aren’t driven, and only exert just enough energy to get through the day, then that’s the type of person that you will become.  There is no way you would ever expect to win because nobody in your life expects that.

But here’s where you have gone wrong, and it’s something that I figured out myself only a few years ago…..

To create change in your environment, it can only start in one place and that’s inside of you.  Change starts with you.  Winning starts with you. You have to expect to win in order for it to be possible. You have to kick all that negativity (news, family, friends) out of your life.  To expect to win means to create lasting change in your life and that is only going to happen if you dare to challenge society, if you dare to challenge the status quo, and if you dare to challenge your mindset that continuously reminds you of all the negativity and failure in your past.

Expect to win.

It means that instead of spending countless hours watching television, you’re getting educated.  It means that you’re taking the time to spend with yourself and really seeing and understanding what you’re made of.  It means instead of grabbing a video game, that you’re grabbing a book or you’re watching a video, or listening to an audio that actually creates value in your life.

It means that if you expect to win then you are actively searching for other winners to surround yourself with.  It means that you are finding mentors to learn from because they are where you want to be and they know the grind and they really do wake up every day and expect to win.

Expect to win.

It means that you understand that you will have to make sacrifices for yourself and your family if you are going to make it happen. It means that you understand that creating change is hard.  It’s hard to change your life, there is nothing easy about it. If it was easy, then everyone would do it.

It means that you are going to have to decide to forfeit fun for work most of the time. Instead of going out to party or hanging with your friends, if you expect to win, then it means that your friends and their laid-back lifestyle are going to have to wait. They are not you, and your dreams and your vision are not theirs. So don’t expect them to jump on board and support you. Sure it would be great if they did, but to them all they see is work when all they want to see is fun.

To create lasting change, you’re going to have to be strong enough to see what direction the masses are heading in, and then turn and go in the opposite direction. Because those people are average.  And they live an average lifestyle.  They live a life that means that they just want to get through the day so they can go have fun, watch television, play games, or basically do anything that doesn’t involve any type of work and that doesn’t involve them giving any more energy then they have to.  Those people do not expect to win at life.  They expect to make it through life.

Expect to win.

It means that you are strong enough to raise your own standards.  It means that personal and professional development come first, second, and forever.

If you expect to win then it means that when your friends want to call you to go hang out, you tell them “I’m sorry, but I’m busy, call me back January 1st.”  Because you are grinding right now. Expecting to win means that you’re going to sacrifice all that stuff that doesn’t add any value to your life, for the things that do.

Again, it’s hard to change your life.  Sacrifices will need to be made.  Standards of life will need to be risen. And every morning when you wake up, you should expect to win, and go get it.  There are no participation trophies in life.  The only trophy is for first place, and you need to go get it.

Expect to win.

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By Jeff Demers

Host of The Motivated Mindset Podcast

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