Heroes Mastermind Group to Launch April 2018

Heroes Media Group is announcing the upcoming launch of their first initiative of 2018, the Heroes Mastermind Group slated to begin this April. This latest venture is a program crafted with active duty, reserve, veteran and military spouse individuals in mind, allowing such people to group and offer support and encouragement to each other in order to better their personal and professional lives.

Weekly, members of the Heroes Mastermind Group will assemble to discuss various goals and concerns with the goal of providing support and guidance on matters from peers who understand the lives of those with military involvement. The tools offered by the program are weekly video conferences, monthly reading material, access at any time to peers, and a monthly guest speaker cyber event. Open communication will always be available to members via weekly video meetings, access to the Heroes Facebook Group and contact via email with any member of the group including founders and facilitators.

The inception of Heroes Mastermind Group has come with a partnership between Heroes Media Group and the founder of Landmark Life Coaching, Dwayne Paro. Paro is a US Air Force Veteran whose specialty is working with members of the military and veteran communities.His goal is to ease the transition to civilian life and provide support and guidance in personal and professional life with entrepreneurship as an “empowering and fulfilling path forward,” according to Paro.  

There is limited space for the launch of Heroes Mastermind Group and inaugural members must make a six month commitment to involvement in the program beginning this April. Each month, group dues will be required from each member totaling $250 for all inaugural members who register before April first. For all members who register after this date, dues will be $300 per month. For additional information or to sign up to be part of the inaugural Heroes Mastermind Group, check out their website here.

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