How To Relieve Stress From Working From Home

Written by on 03/02/2020

Children, bill collectors, telemarketers, client deadlines, your own deadlines… Entrepreneurs receive a lot of stress from working from home. On top of those things, we have our closest peers doubting our every move, constantly telling us that the path we chose simply won’t work.

There is a saying that goes “when you work for yourself, you have to work twice as hard.” This is very true. Because you’re not only trying to prove the neigh sayers wrong, but you’re trying to prove yourself right. And you don’t want to be that one who has to tell everyone that you’ve failed and have to go back to working in a cubicle, or an office.

You’re trying to prove that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I can’t remember the exact stat that I once read, but it said something like 85% of Americans would love to work for themselves. Yet less than 1/2 of a single percent actually do. Why? Because of all the reasons previously stated: stress, anxiety, bills due, lack of support from friends and family, etc…

Actually the most common reason why people don’t, or have tried to but don’t any more is that they enter this world without the proper expectations. The so-called “guru’s” of the world make it sound so easy. And they get people to leap without realizing that even these guru’s went through a period of trials and tribulations before they can be seen as a guru or an expert in their field.

Either way, the stress is real. And it’s real for everybody. We combine our stress and hold it in so that we don’t show anyone that anything is wrong. We don’t want to give our peers the satisfaction of saying that they were right.

But if this is you, you’re not alone. I was the same way, and at times depending on where I’m at with my goals, I’m still the same way. I put a lot on my plate, I set my standards very high, and I get stressed out just like you do.

Life is going to continue to happen. Nobody’s path is clear, flat, easy, and without any bumps along the way. We all go through it, myself especially.

On top of all that, I’m a very proud man. I don’t like to admit to being wrong with anything that I do. I even wear a t-shirt sometimes that says “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.”

I also spread myself extremely thin. On top of being a business coach, and running my own digital marketing company, I’m a network marketer in two different company’s, and I’m a sports media member here in Phoenix for Heroes Media Group. So my plate is full all the time, and I’m always trying to add more to it. Does this sound familiar at all?

I can’t even imagine if I was trying to do this with children, which I don’t have. But a lot of my clients do have children, which is one of the reasons I’m writing this article.

So what is it that I do to relieve my stress that I hold in from the world? I do two things of which you’ll definitely not see one of them. The first is that I dance. I’m actually a really good dancer which stems back to my younger days. I take breaks during the day to put my work on pause and I’ll take a 15 minute music break just to get up, move around, and reset my brain. Depending on how long I work during the day, I’ll add more dance breaks. This does two things for me. The first is that it gets my mind off work and all the other stressful things that I encounter during the day.

The second is that I’ve been using a lot of lavender products around the house and by my bed.

Lavender essential oil is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Also, by working with the nervous system, it lowers your heart rate and your blood pressure. I place some on my temples, on the back of my neck, and on my wrists before I go to bed.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using this lavender essential oil, my stress levels have gone down, and I’m sleeping a lot better at night as well. This results in me being more productive throughout my day and accomplishing more than I had originally planned on. I’ve been doing so well that I’ve started to add more to my schedule and it hasn’t really effected my mental state like it used to. This article is actually proof of that since this is the first article I’ve written for Heroes Media Group in a while.

Everyone who has followed me knows that I share what works for me all the time, especially in the network marketing world. Well, this is no different. I swear by this oil and recommend it as much, if not more than my “Hot Tottie” cold recipe (Whiskey, Cinnamon, Honey).

If you’d like to try to see if lavender essential oils can help you relieve the stress from working from home, or even the stress from life in general, click this link below and pick up a bottle and see for yourself!

Have a great, stress free day!

Jeff Demers- 1st Platoon Team Leader, Podcast Host

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