HMG Audio Player

Want to start your own podcast but want it to run on your own site? Good news! Heroes Media Group podcast shows can now be embedded on any website on the internet. With a range of our other services, we can get your podcast up and running in no time. 

Our audio player comes in a range of different designs and options:

  • Varied Colored players (Listed Below)
  • Audio Player Controls are Customizable (Controls can be changed to whatever you can dream up.)
  • Adaptable Progress Bar Colors (Colors can be anything within the RGB range.)

Currently HMG offers the following audio players:

Clear Header Jukebox

Beautiful player that works with lightly colored websites.

Charcoal Colored Jukebox

Traditional colored html audio player that looks wonderful anywhere.

Large Audio Artwork, Light Colored Jukebox

This awesome player works well on darker sites. Large audio track artwork is displayed at the top of the player.

Large Audio Artwork, Light Colored Jukebox

This minimalist player just gives you audio and a track list. No audio track artwork is displayed by this player. Also comes in the traditional charcoal coloring.

For a quote or for more information regarding Heroes Media Group’s Podcasts please email:  t[email protected]