Kenseth Takes Phoenix But Crew Destroys Trophy!


I’ve covered quite a few NASCAR races as a member of the media, and I’ve probably watched hundreds more online throughout my lifetime.  And I have never seen this happen, especially after a Matt Kenseth win!

This was a feel-good win all around NASCAR.  Kenseth is one of the good guys.  He’s a good driver with many victories.  Even Kyle Busch ran over at the end of the race and gave Kenseth a hug immediately following his burnout celebration.  So what better way to end your career than to finish strong with a win and you get a sweet trophy to take home as part of the memories?

And that sets the stage for this…..

Kenseth pulls his car into Victory Lane at Phoenix Raceway, and his crew is anxiously awaiting his climb out of his car so they can drench him in Gatorade and he can claim his trophy.  The video was shot on my iPhone as I was busy taking pictures with my camera in my other hand.

Just keep your eye on the trophy:

So who did it?  At first, I thought it was the guy on the right.  But upon closer inspection, it turns out he didn’t touch it.  Then I thought it was the guy to the left.  But I don’t think it was him either.  But then I saw the big guy initially standing directly behind the trophy.  He takes a swing with the Gatorade bottle, and the trophy goes down.  I think the reason I initially missed him was because he disappeared into the other members of the pit crew in the back.  But you can still see him because his hands remain the highest among those who celebrate, which allows you to follow him all the way until he is back in the middle of the picture, still going a little crazy, and with his back toward the camera.

I also love the looks on the faces of the two members that I initially mentioned, as well as the Crew Chief, who is actually sitting on the stage, just below and to the right of the trophy, so he actually sees it hit the ground.  The trophy actually breaks into three pieces.  One small piece, and then the big glass portion also separated from the base.



Jeff Demers

Heroes Media Group



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