Made to Serve

Written by on 04/17/2019

I watched her close her eyes and listening closely to hear every whistle the wind blew and every chirp the birds sang. I watched him close his eyes smelling the burning tires and feeling the heat that was beginning to surround him. I watched her close her eyes hearing their screams for help behind her. I watched him close his eyes as he started to struggle to breathe as he choked on the smoke that was filling the air. Though still in the chaos of their environment their controlled deminers and settled spirits knew just how they were going to execute the task that were presented before them. They opened their eyes and took one strong step. Both of their heads were held high and their chest were broad and held upright. They began to increase their strides with precision knowing clearly their plan of action to defuse the situations. One, two, three strides he charged forward then dipped, tucked and rolled into a high crawl position. Two personnel trapped in the burning lobby; the off-duty officer sprang into action to evacuate himself along with the other two personnel around him. Their bravery, servanthood and fearless actions will forever be remembered by those they saved. We are thankful for your sacrifices. We are thankful for your split-second responses. You have made moves beyond your nerves, beyond your fears; you rose beyond the adversity and defused the situation. You were made for this and we surrender upon you much respect. We honor you and will never forget those who rose to the call every time. Not all could have done what you have, and the sacrifice is not to be taken for granted. If you haven’t heard it in a while; Thank you for your service. Release, Revive and renew. I have come to encourage you.

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