Michigan at Ohio State 2016

Ohio State vs Michigan is the biggest rivalry in College football, although, there are debates on such a claim, these two teams tend to make the college football world shake with anticipation, especially since we are now in the Playoff era. The truth is when making a short summary, this was a Defensive game and missed opportunities. The game is 10-7 Michigan at half and the game looks to be a defensive battle with little climax. But once we hit the fourth quarter there was not only suspense but an ending that fit the way these two teams play. After 2 missed field goals by Ohio State’s Kicker Durbin, they had to rely on him to tie the game, in which he put the ball through the uprights on a short kick. After double overtime, Ohio States’ Defense stood strong to give their Offense a chance to win in the second over time. Ohio State took forever to get the ball to #4 Samuel and when they did he ran the ball in for the win in double OT. The game lived up to the hype and it seemed to be more of demolition derby than an actual finesse game as both teams kept giving the ball up. But in the end the Ohio State Buckeyes came out on top and now await to see what Penn State does in the Conference Championship vs Wisconsin. If Penn State wins, the committee will need to decide to either keep OSU in or drop them out from #2 to insert Penn State. The Big Ten has surely brought us a year where we will see what the committee really values. Is it the Head to Head, Conf. Championship or is it who the actual best team is? In other words, who can beat Alabama?

Ohio State and Michigan lived up to the hype and it seems another 10 year war may be upon us with Urban Meyer of OSU and Jim Harbaugh of Michigan. This game also showed how tough the Big Ten is becoming again and recruiting is going to be exciting to watch as there is not just one top dog in the conference anymore.


By: Dave Bravo

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