006 – Ridding The World of Filth

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
006 - Ridding The World of Filth

Team:             5P                                                       Event type: 5P Podcast

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: We are ridding our world of corrupt filth and bringing back true American greatness.


Friendlys: Heroes Media Group, Gray Point Ventures, Mcpherson Marketing Group


Mission:  Talk about the whirlwind of mainstream facts that are coming to light in order to draw more business leaders to our cause of indepence from the status quo.



Commander’s intent: Those of us who are awakened to the facts, take advantage of these new opportunities. It’s a uniquely different time. One that we’ve been asking for. You have the right pursue happiness.


Hillary’s classified emails held in an unsecured server, where the Chinese could easily access them.

Obama administration DOJ, FBI working jointly with Fusion GPS, and British military assets to spy on a presidential campaign.

Trump DOJ recuses, gives power to Huber along with IG authority. Horowitz releases report. Huber stacking sealed indictments.

Don’t forget our economy is steadily booming. The FED is filling their diaper trying to maintain control.   Meanwhile small business leaders are taking advantage of the opportunities, now available, and expanding operations.

WHEW – These are some fantastically crazy times!

Desired endstate: Let’s work together using 5P as our foundation for planning and coordinating as a team. Let’s mastermind in groups to work in collaboration toward common goals while standing firm as independent Americans.


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