Intro to 5

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
Intro to 5

Team: 5                                                       Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator: Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: Small to medium sized business leaders need an outlet to receive basic business advice.


Friendlys: working with Heroes Media Group, McPherson Marketing group.


Mission: 5 provides a podcast outlet for conservative business leaders with a small business capitalist focus, in order to provide support to fellow business leaders.



Commander’s Intent: Grow a community of business leaders operating on the age old 5 Paragraph method. Work together to build a stronger American business community.


Scheme of Maneuver: Weekly podcast episodes with increasing frequency based on demand.


Coordinating instructions: New episodes every Monday

–           Interviews with business leaders

–           Highlighting business leaders

–           5 Paragraph format on every episode

*           CALL to ACTION fellow business leaders on every episode


Desired endstate: 1 Million+ listeners on a regular basis; 6-12 months



Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

Subscribe, rate, review the podcast wherever you enjoy listening.


SHARE WITH fellow patriotic business leaders. special equipt:








Additional personnel: 5P Advisors – Schedule a call @


Command / Signal       919-827-0898



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