Ep: 016 – Intrapreneurship

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
Ep: 016 - Intrapreneurship

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Business leaders inside large organizations find it difficult to convey ideas to senior leadership. Conversely, senior leadership find it difficult to allow subordinate leaders ‘run amok’ with their ideas. – 5 Paragraph Business Plan empowers all leaders. 

Mission:  Put a plan into action using 5 Paragraph Business Plan to break down and task out ideas from senior leadership. Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to back brief senior leadership on how actions will take place. 


Senior leadership puts vision down on paper for subordinates to digest. 

Senior leaders task subordinates with the initiatives that need to be done in order of phase/priority. 

Tasked leaders construct a 5 Paragraph Business Plan based on the mission they’ve been tasked with, and which conforms to the vision of the greater overall organization.

Subordinate leaders complete the plan and back brief using the 5P format. 

All further initiatives are identified in the debriefing/after action reports, used by all leaders. 

* NOTE: This is exactly how U.S. military elements plan and coordinate on a global scale 

Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

Get started with the 5 Paragraph Business Plan  Read and fill in the text as you go.

Tutorial episodes match each section of the book to help you along the way.


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