5P, Ep: 026 – Jas Boothe– Discharged – Army Veteran

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
5P, Ep: 026 - Jas Boothe– Discharged – Army Veteran

“Jas Boothe – Discharged – Army Veteran”


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Problem:  What problem/opportunity are you facing in doing “DISCHARGED”?

  • Who is your target audience member?

Business leaders need to learn how to create a …

You need to create / help with / overcome by…

–                 animated series

–                 military

–                 comedy


Share irreverent humorous stories from a military veteran perspective. 

“Full Metal Jacket” – meets – “Family Guy”


What is your intent in creating “DISCHARGED”?

Where can people find you?


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How to create animate show

How to build a web based business

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Admin/Logistics – Sustainability

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5 Paragraph Business Plan, based on the military 5 paragraph operations order process. The ‘5 paragraph Business Plan’ was created to assist leaders of any position when developing strategy and creating action based business plans. Learn more at 5Paragraph.com

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