5P, Ep: 027 – Leadership Purgatory

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
5P, Ep: 027 - Leadership Purgatory

“Leadership Purgatory”


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Problem: Business leaders, are you stuck in a functionary role when you should be the leader of your own team?

You need to learn how to create clear concise plans in order to delegate your authority to trusted personnel you’ve assigned to get the job done. 

You need to gather input and construct a plan that everyone can get behind.

You need to learn how to gather feedback from you team and your trusted leaders in order change elements of your plan & strategy.

Learn the art of delegation with the 5P management method. Join the 5P Inner Circle and you will learn how to deliver an order to take action. 


Using the 5P Management Method, found at 5Paragraph.com, construct your plan for taking action.


  • Conduct research, 
  • Study relevant material
  • Seek mentorship
  • Apply what you’ve learned in a controlled setting
  • Seek feedback 
  • Reiterate

Remember; Ideas fail, people do not

Join the 5P Inner Circle and you will learn…..

How to build a plan 

How to brief your plan

How to give orders in the moment

… you will learn the 5P Process.

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5P Inner Circle members have access to the 5P private community, our growing mastermind group of fellow 5P users. Join the 5P Inner Circle right now and immediately start networking and gathering insights from fellow 5P users. 


5 Paragraph Business Plan, based on the military 5 paragraph operations order process. The ‘5 paragraph Business Plan’ was created to assist leaders of any position when developing strategy and creating action based business plans. Learn more at 5Paragraph.com

5P Founder Michael J. Penney is a Marine combat veteran, entrepreneur, author, inventor, and professional speaker. 

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