5P, Ep: 025 – Sometimes It’s Alright To Be A Perfectionist

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5P, Ep: 025 - Sometimes It’s Alright To Be A Perfectionist

Sometimes It’s Alright To Be A Perfectionist



Perfectionism or the perfectionist can be hard to deal with but you definitely want them on your team. Eventually every piece of work must go out into the world but there are some who have trouble trying to let go of their work in it’s current form.

“It could be better”, they say as they tweak something and tighten up something else. 

Perfectionists are valuable when it comes to detail work and catching flaws before they become public. A fine example of a perfectionist role is that of the editor. Someone who naturally dives into the text seeking typos and grammar. Their eye for detail is something to admire but there are some who take it a step further, a step too far. 


In this episode of the 5P podcast, we will discuss the 80% rule in order for you the listener to have a clear benchmark for determining when something is done, finished, accomplished. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it does however have to be completed. 


The intent of this 5P Podcast episode is for you the listener to gain a better understanding of the 80% rule, to know when to move onto the next task; and to understand how to work with a perfectionist on your team. 

  • 80% rule – if you are 80% sure of success, go for it
  • Determining when something is ready using the 80% rule
  • Working with a perfectionist and leading them to success

Listen and take notes, if possible. 

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In the end you, the 5P Podcast listener, will be able to apply the 80% rule to your daily work. 

If you are a perfectionist and you know it, make the effort to apply this 80% rule. 

If you are a perfectionist and you don’t know it…. Well, someone will hopefully help you know when it’s done and time to move on. : ) 

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