Ep: 015 – Brian Tomlinson – Logistics and Support with 5 Paragraph

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
Ep: 015 - Brian Tomlinson - Logistics and Support with 5 Paragraph

Brian is a born and bred North Carolinian and an ardent patriot. He has spent a lifetime working on large scale projects with big organizations but his passion lies with helping medium sized businesses grow to compete among the highest ranks. While operating as the project manager at Sands Expo Center, Brian lead the team who pulled all of the wiring for the facility. If you’ve ever had a wifi signal while walking through S.H.O.T. Show, it’s because Brian and his team made it happen. 

Tomlinson has ran his own companies, primarily in concrete contracting and inspection on large scale projects. He had the required keen eye and an unparalleled understanding of concrete pour strategy; among other things. 

Brian works with 5P as a logistics and support advisor, helping clients generate a successful strategy using 5 Paragraph Business Plan. 

On this episode of the 5 Paragraph Business Plan Podcast, Brian Tomlinson is sitting down with host Michael J. Penney to talk shop and discuss the future of 5P. 

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