Broken & Blessed, Ep: 017 – Back to the Basics

Broken & Blessed
Broken & Blessed
Broken & Blessed, Ep: 017 - Back to the Basics

Ever have a time in your life and you feel stuck or feel like you are not making any advancement forward.  Maybe you are making things harder then they need to be or perhaps you are doing something YOUR way.  Maybe it’s time to get back to the basics.  That’s this weeks topic, ‘Back to the basics’ 

 “we go back to the basics. It’s the same way. You know, with this, I think a lot of people and I’m thinking about this right now, my guts telling me to say this, is that you know, we forget that you know, when things are good, oftentimes we forget to think or take our time to spend a few minutes each day with, with God praying and whatnot. And it’s not until when things start to kind of go bad or south or negative or however you want to swing it, whatever fix in your life to go back To the basics and start from scratch and or maybe not start from scratch or go back to the basics and you know dig into the Bible I’ve started recently I horrible reader and you know I look Bible verses up online from time to time I don’t do it every day like I should. But until recently when I started doing my walks again, I tried to listen to audiobooks so i  got a  audio book Bible. Nice and I’ve been listening to the Bible on my walks now.”

Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heavens in the earth
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