Carry On Podcast, Ep: 012 – Veterans & Insurrection

Carry On Podcast
Carry On Podcast
Carry On Podcast, Ep: 012 - Veterans & Insurrection

Post Capitol Insurrection the veteran-extremist-narrative was reported by media, eagerly assigned to all veterans who participated in Jan 6th and perpetuated by other veterans who wanted to shame their own community and point a chastising finger, in addition to mass condemnation of our military with little known details or historical data on extremism. Subsequently, resulting in extremism stand-downs within our military. But was this narrative true? Was this a knee-jerk reaction? Or a little of both?

No matter where you stand on the insurrection, it’s always important to hear the other side of the story, even if it’s months later. At Carry On Podcast we feel that the media has only provided one version. Although we do not support the insurrection and believe extremism should be dealt with and removed from our military, we do support due process and believe it is important to give our veterans a platform to tell their story, if they so choose.

We also believe that the Op-Eds that have been written by other veterans calling Jan 6th participants, all extremists, were careless and irresponsible at best. Writing opinion pieces that were holier-than-thou with very little factual data in the immediate aftermath, in order to further their own professional status and political agenda…did very little to help the veteran community or productively address the extremism issue.

Mr Albert Watkins is Navy Veteran, Jacob Chansley’s defense lawyer. Jacob, otherwise known as the “QAnon Shaman” became the face of Jan 6th. Al takes us on a look at Jacob’s pending case, the defense of his client, where being a veteran plays into this and what he believes the media got wrong.

Mr. Watkins is the founding member and senior counsel at St. Louis-based law firm Kodner Watkins LC. Al has other high visibility clients such as Mark & Patricia McCloskey, who made national headlines after pictures and videos showed them pointing firearms toward protesters in their gated community last year. He is no stranger to other high-profile cases such Haman v Harris and defended Major League Baseball star Jack Clark. To read more about his lustrous career find the link below.

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