5P – 021 – Do You Have A Creative Outlet?

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
5P - 021 - Do You Have A Creative Outlet?


Many business leaders do not have a creative outlet or a process for developing their creativity. 

Becoming A Creative Genius, AGAIN by Carl Nordgren explains how we are all born creative geniuses. However, we lose the ability to form a fluid creative process as it’s drummed out of us through schooling and studying and memorization for test taking. The creative genius is not lost, though, it remains inside of us dormant. 


In this episode of the 5P Podcast we will discuss how to reinvigorate the creative genius inside of you in order to cultivate new ideas and transform them into a plan for action.


The intent of this 5P Podcast episode is for you the listener to have a better understanding of how to unlock the creative genius inside of you. 

Listen and take notes, if possible. 

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You the 5P Podcast listener have the ability to unlock your creative genius and along with it unlock your true potential to innovate. 

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