Ep: 258 – Live Life Label Free with Deanna Kuempel

The Decision Hour
Ep: 258 - Live Life Label Free with Deanna Kuempel

What don’t you do?  I had to ask this  question right out the gate with this week’s guest, the incredible Deanna Kuempel.

Deanna Kuempel is a Fashion Designer, Beauty Queen (Ms. Chicago America Nation 2021), Skincare expert, former Executive Vice President, a Human trafficking survivor and the Host of Label Free Podcast (labelfreepodcast.com)

Deanna opens up and shares what she has had overcome to get to where she is today. Get your running shoes on and keep up!

We discuss how she got into Fashion and her passion for it. We touch base on her experience with human trafficking and what she is doing now to help others and raise awareness about the topic.  Deanna tells us what it really takes to become a figure competitor and Beauty Queen.  We also talk about how, and why, she started her podcast show called Label Free podcast (https://www.labelfreepodcast.com) and what it’s done for her both personally and professionally.

“I feel like to live your best life, you need to live label free and not allow those societal expectations to hold you back and it really applies to anyone.”

We wrap up the show with Deanna sharing her Decision Hour –

“the easiest thing you can do, just decide what kind of person you want to be, how you want to start your day and just get up and be that example for the world. I mean, that’s, that’s at least what I’ve come to in the last five years. You know, I could have I could have lived my life in misery and the bitter and like, Oh my god, everything was taken away from me my husband passed away, or I just could decide to, I just want to be a happy person, and just be the best person I can be and just keep moving forward.”

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