002 – Declare Your Independence from the Status Quo

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
002 - Declare Your Independence from the Status Quo

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Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                Task organization: Solo Talk



Problem: Personal independence. It requires working in groups

Friendlys: Find and work with other individuals with the same passion, desire, and aligned goals.


Mission: Declare your independence from the status quo in order to benefit the group of close hearted people you’ve surrounded yourself with.



Commander’s Intent: add VALUE to the world. When groups of people add value to the greater community it secures their individual independence through reward.


Scheme of Maneuver: Build a community of collaborating business leaders who share the core belief of adding value through working, in our strengths, together as a committed team.


Coordinating instructions:

Find close hearted people who are different minded with unique strengths.

Provide a method for collaboration: environment, an office, a space to bring the team together, even virtual.


Desired endstate: Combine strengths to attack a REALLY BIG problem.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

When leaders combine the strengths of their forces into an organized team an equilibrium is achieved. It’s effect ensures mission success. Build a vision for taking action using the 5 Paragraph Business Plan


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