012 – Delegation with 5P

5 Paragraph Business Plan
012 - Delegation with 5P

Team:5 Paragraph                                                   Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                 Task organization: Solo talk



Delegation can be extraordinarily difficult for some leaders. It requires trusting people.


5 Paragraph Business Plan makes things easier for leaders with delegation issues


Mission:Build an executive vision for your team to work with so leaders at every level know when they are running out of the boundaries set by executive leadership.



5 Paragraph is intent on helping you delegate effectively


Build an executive vision

  • Outline the mission of the organization
  • Discuss the problems facing the organization
  • Share the capabilities and limitations of your team and supporting elements
  • Outline the seasonal effects on the organization and your team
  • Layout the timeline for things to occur
  • Describe the space where your team is able to work and where the organization desires to work in
  • Provide logistics and methods for handling logistics so team members may call upon those resources when the time comes


Share your executive vision for success then task team leaders to create their 5 Paragraph Business Plan for how they are going to accomplish their individual task.


By the end of this exercise, you’ll have a well laid out vision for where the organization is heading while your team members are hard at work solving the problems that need to be handled to achieve success.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

Get started with the 5 Paragraph Business Plan  Read and fill in the text as you go.


Tutorial episodes match each section of the book to help you along the way.


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