Ep: 030 – Destiny Intervened: Everything Is Possible with D’Olivia Jones

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Ep: 030 - Destiny Intervened: Everything Is Possible with D’Olivia Jones

D’Olivia Jones speaks about her military service and current work. She was inspired to join the military when a cousin provided her with a “remarkable” experience and took her for lunch at the NCO and Officers Club at the local base. She wanted to go in right after High School, but kept with family tradition and went to college first. D’Olivia then went into the Air Force  and served as a Computer Information Systems Officer. After being denied retraining into the Services field, she began her next journey in life. She volunteered to get out during the time of the 1990’s draw downs, and was honorably discharged.

D’Olivia Jones began her civilian career working in the Human Resources field helping others find employment. After seeing, feeling, and being triggered by sexual harassment she decided that she needed to work for herself, and created a business that allowed her to be her own boss and still help other by using her expert knowledge of service and new training in the theater world. In all her roles, military and civilian, she has developed her skills as a Servant; constantly looking for ways to help others as she learns about helping herself. Listen in as she talks about her exciting past work with Tyler Perry and her new title as AMVET Ambassador for the Heal Program, a suicide prevention program for veterans.

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