004 – Economic Development

004 – Economic Development
5 Paragraph Business Podcast

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Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: SOLO Talk



Problem: Economic Development and the need for easy access to early stage capital.

Money to create a for profit entity that works to develop inside the community.


Friendlys: Community development financial institutions. Economic development groups. Community government. Community leadership.


Mission: Spark an interest in participating in economic growth at the community level. 5P works to help steward wildlife and rural areas.



Commander’s Intent: Grow businesses inside local communities.


Scheme of Maneuver: Provide early stage capital with requirements that the business remain in the area for a specific period of time. Agreements to maintain the community. Conditions and regulation on outside investment. Making it easier to grow a business, so long as the business is working to responsibly grow the community.



Coordinating instructions:

  • Town hall meetings.
  • Business clubs.
  • Work as a mastermind within your communities to grow small businesses.


Desired endstate: Small towns working with small businesses to grow and sustain their local area.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

special equipt:  THOUGHT: Public access to research information.


Additional personnel: 5P Advisors – Schedule a call @ https://meetme.so/5Paragraph


Business management, human resources, employee training, business development, outside consultants with research analysis capability.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

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