Ep: 031 – Plogging & MS Four Permit

Ep: 031 - Plogging & MS Four Permit

The month of April has been designated as Earth Month and we start the show off buy sharing an article we recently have seen about an activity that people are taking part in called… Plogging.  Plogging started in Sweden in 2016. plogging is a combination of jogging while picking up trash.  So next time you are out on your daily jog, pick up some trash and join the “plogging” movement.

Now besides that, we also cover Stormwater Management.  We spoke about this a bit in a previous episode, however, lately we have noticed that the street sweepers are out in most towns in and around our area so they might have some deadline or some state requirement that must be met called a MS Four Permit.  So why is this important?  It’s a permit that every municipality has to comply with. It’s a permit that exists as a result of something called a  federal Clean Water Act. In Rhode Island, there is a Rhode Island counterpart to that federal act, which allows the state of Rhode Island to be responsible for compliance with the federal Clean Water Act at the state level.  What does that have to do with the street sweeping? And does that actually have an environmental impact? Take a listen and find out.

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