Ep: 034 – Cross Examination in an Administrative Hearing

Ep: 034 - Cross Examination in an Administrative Hearing

We start this week’s show off with a friendly Public Service Announcement…. Don’t put your recycling in plastic bags… Thank you.  O.K.!  Now the topic we are covering this week is Cross Examination.  Reason for this is, something that has happened recently at an administrative hearing and the decision the Providence superior court has made about it.

But first, what it an Administrative hearing? An administrative hearing, it’s sort of like you’re in court, they follow the rules of evidence. They follow the rules of civil procedure to a certain extent, and companies have to be represented by an attorney. If you’re an individual, you can go in pro se.

So here is a question for you, if you are an individual and you go pro se, can you cross examine a person or persons?  Take a listen as we dig deeper into cross examination during an administrative hearing. The result might shock you.


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