Ep: 229 – Feed Your Soul with, Chef Ryan Rondeno

Ep: 229 – Feed Your Soul with, Chef Ryan Rondeno
The Decision Hour

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From Louisiana, to the Kitchens of the rich and famous!  Chef Ryan Rondeno, joins us on this week’s episode of The Decision Hour. We dive right in to learn more about Ryan, and how it all started for him to finding his way and cooking for some very notable names such as, Will Smith, Diddy, Common, Xhibit and companies like Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz. 

We discuss how he is making his lavish and tasty recipes available to YOU right now! Checkout out his website www.rondenoculinarydesigns.com 

Chef Ryan also take a moment and shares some of his tricks that can help you in the kitchen. Make sure to check out Rondeno Spice Collection (Nola Creole Rub, Citrus Herb Rub, and Ancho-Chili BBQ Rub) these are designed to help cooks of all levels enhance the flavor of your dish.  Warning, listening to this episode might make you hungry! 

Be sure to follow Chef Ryan on Social Media for more tricks, tips and Recipes at

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