Ep: 282 – The Importance of Mindset

The Decision Hour
Ep: 282 - The Importance of Mindset

We are forced to make Decisions in our lives every day.  We are faced with situations that we have no control over, however we can control our reactions to those situations.  Before you can do that, you must be in the right mindset.  Mindset is a conscious decision that requires a choice: positive or negative.

In this episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with the guys from Not Your Average Operator, (https://bit.ly/3IEsIB9) a podcast that dives into some of life’s hardest questions, challenges, and situations as they open up their lives and personal experiences and dissect them in a way that can bring out the best version of ourselves, and help leave the negative in the rearview mirror.

After some much-needed banter and some really good laughs, we dive into the topic of mindset.

We discuss the importance of mindset and provide some examples of our own personal experiences regarding positivity, being grateful, asking for help and how to turn a bad situation around.We had a lot fun recording this episode as you will hear.  That said, this is a topic we don’t take lightly, we understand the importance, we have all been there.

We hope that you enjoy this episode.  Should you find yourself letting your mindset wonder into places it doesn’t need to be, call on us… We are here to help.



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