Ep: 289 – You Have Value with Tim “TK” Klund

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 289 - You Have Value with Tim "TK" Klund

Tim Klund – CEO/Founder VERVE Systems LCC. U.S. Air Force Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur, Author of “Stop Whining, Start Winning 2.0 (The Workbook Edition), A Top Corporate & Sports Relationship Specialist, A Godly Man and an Inspiration to many.

This is one of the most motivating and influential Decision Hour episodes to date so strap in!

In this episode I sit down with Mr. Tim Klund, we get a chance to learn about him in his early years, his time in the United States Air Force and some of his time working his way up the ladder in Corporate America.   But that’s just the beginning, until a bad car accident in 2000, got him thinking about life and moving in a different direction. We discuss that direction and the people he met along the way.

Tim is a serial entrepreneur and we talk a little bit about the companies he has founded.  One product we discuss is an amazing mouthpiece, they have an upper and lower one.  Used for different types of training, weight lifting, Pilates, yoga etc.  Lots of people use it for sleep, it helps open your airway it pushes your jaw forward and gives you the proper vertical between your teeth and opens that airway kind of like CPR.  We then talk about  The Celebrity Softball Classic – (www.celebritysoftballclassic.org) how this event got started, some of the celebrities that have played in it and how it’s helping others.  Tickets go on sale April 15th 2022 and the Game will be June 11th in Arlington, Tx.

We discuss his book “Stop Whining, Start Winning 2.0” (https://amzn.to/37d8sZ3) this book is a must have! This book is a great read!   If you have teenagers in the house make them read this, if you are someone looking to make a change in your life, or you’re thinking about starting a business, you need this book.  We talk about Tim’s C.H.E.A.T System and how Success is by design.

All of this and so many other added value moments in this episode you’ll just need to listen. We wrap up the show with Tim share two Decision Hour moments that you don’t want to miss.  “It’s all about helping people” “Bet on yourself”, “What Else?” ~ Tim Klund ~


Be sure to check out Tim’s Company links:

Verve Performance Labs (https://verveperformancelabs.com)

Verve Unitedhttps://verveunited.com

Verve Forever – CBD https://verveforever.com

Celebrity Softball Classic – https:// www.celebritysoftballclassic.org

NEW PRODCUT OUT NOW! https://verveforever.com/product-category/vitamins/

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