WGY6@6, Ep: 056 – Featuring Karalyn Martin

WGY6@6, Ep: 056 - Featuring Karalyn Martin

You don’t even know! What seems like a clutter becomes an amazing show featuring Karalyn Martin, runner-up for Miss Veteran USA and an advocate for homeless female veterans.

 Welcome #heroes!  Welcome #patriotpride!  We are still living on the high from being in Texas, where we got to spend time with our #heroes and those who support our #heroes!  WE are building our Ruck, Chuck and Roll that will be happening on Oct 23, 2021 at Lebanon Hills Park in Eagan, MN.  Registration is open and sponsors are being contacted!  Our next trip is to southern Illinois to support Brian Gibson with ProjectDieHard with his grand opening.  Karalyn Martin introduced herself and explained she is sponsored by Sin Vodka out of South Carolina, who helps to fund her nonprofits.  Karalyn has also been helping Vets by selling calendars and other merchadise such as a classy calendar and visiting Vets in the hospital; plus now with the Social Media Director Platform homelessness and help with clothing and food. Welcome Shad, our vetrans are super #heroes, and we need to combat this excessive heap of darkness.  It is all about working together, making the connections and being the #shockandawe in the fight against this deadly and invisible demon. Andrea shared a reminder of how and why our first responders need our support and caring.  The show was closed out with music by Dom Cours on WeP3 Radio.

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