Ep: 032 – Fit for Service: Staying Active, Impacting, Empowering, Mentoring

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Ep: 032 - Fit for Service: Staying Active, Impacting, Empowering, Mentoring

Stephanie speaks about her military service and current work as a muti-faceted member of society who is passionate about helping veterans. She was inspired to join the military to pursue a dream of having professional opportunities that her under resourced community could not provide her. She was motivated by the discipline and teamwork of the military; she was also following the path of her father who had served. Listen in as she talks about her journey from being in a male dominated job that involved training soldiers in protecting themselves against chemical warfare (NBC) to exiting the military under “Happy” circumstances to having it quickly turn scary and having to learn how to ask for help as a veteran. She poignantly shares private details about motherhood, homelesnes, mental health self, and using her voice to ask for help and then to help others.     

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Music By Air Force Veteran Connie Baptiste  “Always On Top” can be found on Women At War Warrior Songs Vol 2.https://warriorsongs.org/music

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