Ep: 267 – Founding Principles

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 267 - Founding Principles

We are starting a new series here on The Decision Hour called, “Let’s have a Conversation”. I’ve asked my good friend Mr. John Currie to join me for the next several episodes.

Why are we doing this series? Some may say we live in a world now where if you have a difference of opinion or belief, that no one wants to have a conversation and try to see things from the other persons point of view. We rely on Mainstream Media or Social Media to be truth and that’s simply not true.

The topic’s we discuss in this series, our goal is for you, the listener, to provide you some type of education, and take what we say whether you believe it or not, is to get you to start thinking for yourself and to ask questions and sit down with people and have conversations about these topics.

The first show in this series is called “Founding Principles”. We need to know and understand what the Founding Principles are and understand them. Do you know what the Founding Principles are? There a lot more to them then you might think. This isn’t going to be a civics class, it’s meant to be a conversation.


Here is a website that we found interesting that might help you get a better idea of the founding principles. (Click Here)

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