Ep: 280 – Free Speech

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 280 - Free Speech

We are talking about free speech with a bit of a twist.  When we talk say, free speech, is it, people can say what they want to say… right?  In this episode, we also discuss when free speech isn’t free.  We use a few examples such as the Lieutenant Colonel of the Marine Corps that called out senior leaders not being held accountable.  We also mention a former Fox reporter who was fired for calling out Fox corporation for muzzling her.  Now, some will read that and say, he was Military, or she worked for a company and certain policies might be set in place, and that maybe true, however we also discuss free speech from a standpoint of being on social media or out in a public setting.

This was an interesting topic to cover. What are your thoughts about how free speech is looked at in today’s world.


NOTE: Since this recording there have been updates on the Lieutenant Colonel of the Marine Corps, find more information on that case here: https://bit.ly/3b1aRok

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