5P Ep: 020 – Have you started planning for 2020 yet?

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
5P Ep: 020 - Have you started planning for 2020 yet?

Have you started planning for 2020 yet?


Problem: Many organizations plan for the next fiscal year well in advance. Have you, the individual leader, started planning for next year’s work?

Higher: What is your higher leader’s mission? What is the mission of your overall organization?

Friendly’s: What is the mission of the adjacent units around you, those similar to your own? What is the mission of your supporting agencies internal and external to your own?

What is the mission of your clients and/or customers? 

Mission: During this presentation we will walk through the 3 simple steps for reviewing this year’s material in order to plan for next year’s activity; according to the feedback gathered by those who participated, e.g. the workers, leaders, customers, clients, and supporting assets and agencies. 


Commander’s Intent: Build a plan for taking action, based off the actual events which took place during the past year.

Scheme of Maneuver: Work with fellow business leaders in your company who are planning for next year.

Coordinating instructions: Using the 5P template perform an ‘After Action Review’ to begin revising your plan.

Topic  –  Discussion  –  Recommendation

Desired endstate: Gather feedback to create an outline for next year’s plan.

Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

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Additional personnel: Be prepared to ask for feedback from your superior & subordinate leaders to construct your plan

Command / Signal 

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