Ep: 255 – Horsemanship, “Who’s Moving Whose Feet” with Mr. John Beachel

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 255 - Horsemanship, "Who's Moving Whose Feet" with Mr. John Beachel

I sit down with U.S. Army Veteran Mr. John Beachel. John travels the country Offering Colt Starting, Horsemanship, Cow Working, Ranch Roping, Re-starting Race Horses, Problem Horse and De-Spooking Clinics.

If you ever get a chance to see John Beachel speak, do so, he doesn’t disappoint!  I recently got to sit down with John one Wednesday Night at the Woerth It Hollow farm before he started teaching Horsemanship to a group of veterans. John shares his story with us in this episode from growing up riding horses, his time in the military and being a single father to traveling all over the country working with horses.

Watching John work with a horse is like watching poetry in motion, smooth and relaxing.  He explains how to gain trust with the horse by taking the lead and how does one do this? “Who moves whose feet”

“So, if I command and start directing that horse to move his feet and where he moves his feet, then he goes, Okay, you understand my language.”

We wrap up the show with John sharing his “Decision Hour” that involves a judge’s gavel.

If you want to learn more about horses, Horsemanship then please do yourself a favor and contact John on Facebook

Host Note:Personal Experience – I’ve had the opportunity to be taught by John now for a few weeks. This experience is one I most certainly never thought I would ever experience. It’s been nothing short of amazing and it’s one that I am forever grateful.

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